1936. In Villages, Towns and Cities across Scotland, 549 men’s paths are gradually intertwining. Miners, Printers, Painters, Shipbuilders, Engineers, Students and even a Lemonade Salesman who collectively would form the Scottish ranks of the Spanish Civil War’s renowned International Brigade.

Spurred on by rapid political change, and their burning passion for equality and freedom for working people, this band of young men, tasked themselves with ousting the rising General Franco’s fascist occupation.

‘549’ follows four of those men from the streets of East Lothian, to the valleys of Central Spain, who gave up everything they knew; to travel across Europe, fight for a land they had never before seen, and for a people they had never met. 

 An intensely physical, rousing verbatim account, ‘549: Scots of the Spanish Civil War’ is a timely insight into one of Scotland’s almost forgotten conflicts.


Jamie Buchanan
Euan Bennet
David James Kirkwood
Robbie Gordon

creative Team


Robbie Gordon and Jack Nurse


Hector Macpherson Brown

Cat McLauchlan

Light & Sound Design
Fraser Milroy