Performer in "The savoy: a eulogy"

robbie gordon

"The Savoy: A Eulogy" is part performance, part ritual.  The performance explores the ideas of death and resurrection within a capitalist society. When making this performance I was particularly interested in the decline in social space within modern Britain, which lead me on a process of finding out where they still exist.

Audiences meet the funeral director for capitalism who travels the world holding funerals every time capitalism dies somewhere. On this day he has come to The Savoy.

"2008. I was there for all of it and I have never left. I hope you appreciate how busy I’ve been since 2008. Holding Funerals for banks. Preaching sermons for economies collapsed by tanks. As people are laid to rest as their currency falls, I mourn the loss of shopping malls. I am not merely a Spector. I am capitalisms funeral director."


creative Team

Written and Performed by

Robbie Gordon

With Special Thanks To

Jack Nurse, Steven Anderson, Christie Russell-Brown and Annie Donnelly